Why Advertise With PrimacyTV

Check out some of the great features and benefits that are guaranteed when you decide to advertise digitally with PrimacyTV. Please contact us to discuss our services prices and to collaborate with one of our digital advertising representatives to see which locations will be most effective for your campaign. Whether it is a year long national campaign promoting a corporate brand, or a month long local campaign to promote an upcoming event, PrimacyTV has a solution for your digital advertising needs.

Great Demographics

Great Demographics Advertising With PrimacyTV

Advertising with PrimacyTV gives your brand exposure to generate relevant leads from a great demographic that has household purchasing power.

  • Clinics see 3,500 patients on average per month. That’s 42,000 a year!
  • About 42% of viewers stated they would be making a purchase of at least one product on PrimacyTV.
  • More than 65% of  PrimacyTV patients are mid to upper class females that influence their household’s spending decisions.

Effective and Efficient Advertising Platform

Great digital exposure on vibrant screens.

  • High impact visuals engage the audience and keep viewers’ attention.
  • Audience advertisement digital ad recall is shown to be much higher than traditional advertising mediums.
  • PrimacyTV advertisements and content are shown on full HD LED flat screen televisions.

Daily Exposure

PrimacyTV can generate close to 300 impressions per day for each location you advertise in!

  • Primacy clinics are open on average 52 hours and generate close to 1,500 impressions per week.
  • Over 90 clinics nationwide are equipped with PrimacyTV; targeting more than 4,500,000 unique patients annually.
  • Close to 90,000 impressions per ad space each year to imprint your brand message on our audience!


Geographical Targeting

Canadian content for large and small markets.

  • PrimacyTV advertisement campaigns can be on a national, regional, or per location basis.
  • Great for big budget national annual campaigns, small budget local per month campaigns and everything in between!
  • Pick your campaign content, choose the duration, then choose your region. Simple as that!