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PrimacyTV Advertising Prices

Take a look at our different services pricing information below to start planning your digital advertising campaign through PrimacyTV.


Top Pick

Digital Advertising

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Looking to make a great impression while targeting an audience with engaging, high definition digital content? Whether your looking for national, regional or local exposure, Primacy TV has the answer to your advertising needs. Discounts offered based on number of screens and campaign length.

  • National, regional, and local digital advertising campaigns to fit your brands message and reach.
  • Affordable advertising that is statistically known to generate effective and relevant leads.
  • 20 minute loops ensure that your 15 second ad is shown close to 50 times in an 8 hour span.

Low Cost

Content Sponsorship

As low as $25/month per tv

Looking for a way to generate great brand awareness but your budget is too tight? Look into our content sponsorship package that allows your brand to sponsor content such as health tips, trivia, Hollywood news, and much more. A great way to get your brand's recognition nationally, regionally, or locally is through content sponsorship!

  • Sponsor engaging content relevant to your brand that can reach 5,000,000 Canadians per year.
  • Get your brand recognized nationally, regionally, or locally through sponsored content.
  • Work with us to develop factual content relevant to your brand.


Content Creation

As low as $250

Do our services meet your marketing needs and wants but you don't know where to begin? You don't have any content readily available? Let's work together to create engaging content that will iterate your brand message effectively and efficiently on our PrimacyTV network. Skilled content creators are ready to inform our audience about your brand!

  • High quality content creation or modify your existing advertisement with our skilled creative team.
  • Modifications to your existing content to inform PrimacyTV audience more effectively on this medium.
  • Tell us how you want your advertisements to look and we can make it happen.