Digital Advertising Services

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PrimacyTV Digital Advertising Services

PrimacyTV offers a group of services utilizing high quality content that will help audiences be informed and entertained by your brand message, and propel it to become a top of mind brand for your audience. Please take a look at our digital advertising services and prices to begin to reap the benefits of digital advertising and take your audience by storm by engaging them on full HD LED televisions!

Wondering what our content looks like? Click here to view a short snippet of the September 2017 loop.

Two 15 Second Digital Advertisements

PrimacyTV’s 15 second digital advertisement slots are played twice in one loop length. They are dispersed so that they are not continuously played after one another so your brand can have it’s 15 second message played twice in one loop. Our loops run between 15-20 minutes long and then will continue to repeat throughout the duration of the clinic’s hours. These digital advertisement slots cost the same price as one 30 second digital advertisement and are ideal for easily decoded brand messages.

One 30 Second Digital Advertisement

PrimacyTV’s 30 second digital advertisement slots are played once per loop and are priced equally with our two 15 second advertisement spaces. 30 second ads are ideal for brand messages that take more time for audiences to decode, engage with, or for commercials that will showcase your brand to the PrimacyTV market.

Have an advertisement with sound? Click here for an example of close-captioning in one of our partner ads (Password protected – please contact Primacy for access).

Sponsored Content

PrimacyTV offers a cost-effective source of branding and digital advertising in addition to our timed digital advertising space. Sponsored content is a way to get your brand name to our audience in the form of sponsoring engaging content that takes place during our loops which is unrelated to others’ paid advertising slots. If your company is a small brand that specializes in a certain industry or sector, then sponsored content could be advice, news, trivia, etc that pertains to your relevant industry; sponsored by your brand.

Content Creation & Changes

Do our services fit your marketing mix and budget needs but content creation is an issue? Allow our team of creators to develop intriguing content that will engage your audience while pushing your brand message to the top of their minds. Already have something on hand but want a second opinion or a touch up? Our team of content creators can also alter and make changes to your current publications to ensure it is effective for this medium.

Want to view some of our previous work? Click here to view examples of our content creation (Password protected – please contact Primacy for access).