About PrimacyTV

PrimacyTV is owned and operated by Primacy Management Inc., a Calian company. PrimacyTV is a health and lifestyle program that is uploaded to Primacy Management Inc. medical clinic waiting rooms across Canada within or adjacent to Loblaws® stores. PrimacyTV was created in 2006 to improve the waiting room experience of our clinic patients by informing, entertaining, and advertising relevant products that our audience needs and wants through digital advertising that takes place on full HD LED television screens.

PrimacyTV is designed to engage Canadians in their medical clinic waiting room while they wait for their doctor to see them or while they wait for someone who is attending the clinic. Whether it’s advice on health concerns, trivia games, interesting facts, news in Hollywood, or even history, we’ve got the attention of your future audience inside our clinics!

About Us

Our Content

PrimacyTV creates our content in-house to ensure entertaining, educating and appropriate visuals and information for our viewers that is updated regularly. View a sample of our Fall 2021 to see how we educate, entertain and inform our viewers.

Take a look at the list of our available screens to see which locations would be right for you!


Available Services

PrimacyTV has a range of available services from playing digital advertisements on our network of TVs in Primacy clinics to sponsoring our content to creating and implementing customize ads for your business. Learn more about our individualized services to see which one is right for you!


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Content Creation
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“EIMC thanks PrimacyTV for bringing our health promotion message to over 60 medical clinics across Canada through its digital advertising medium. With over 140 clinics Primacy Management Inc. is Canada’s largest medical property management company. Check them out for a great way to advertise your product or service at reasonable costs that will drive effective and efficient results!”


Why Advertise With Us?

Great Demographics

PrimacyTV viewers are predominantly women aged 25-64 with above average income who influence more than 80% of household spending.

Extensive Reach

Located across the country, a single Primacy clinic sees an average of 30,000 patients a year plus accompanying friends & family, generating significant impressions for your campaign.

Engaging Content

Bright, easy-to-read visuals and family friendly educational content engage the audience and keep viewers attention during their visit.

Captive Audience

A captive audience and highly-visible screens means that digital advertisement recall is shown to be much higher than traditional advertising mediums.

Cost Efficient

A PrimacyTV advertising campaign can create a significant, targeted amount of impressions in a trusted medical clinic environment at a low cost.

Customizable Campaigns

PrimacyTV campaigns can be tailored the length and geographical location of your choice, with saturation in major markets and even small towns across Canada.