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About Us

PrimacyTV is operated by Primacy Management Inc., a Calian company. PrimacyTV waiting room screens display health and lifestyle programming in Primacy medical clinics across Canada, located within or adjacent to Loblaw® banner stores.

Inform. Entertain. Advertise.

Established in 2006, PrimacyTV informs, entertains and advertises to Canadians across the country within Primacy clinic waiting rooms on bright, HD LED television screens. PrimacyTV is designed to engage patients and those accompanying them while waiting to see their family, walk-in or specialty physician in a clinical environment. Our content covers a wide range of family friendly topics such as educational health and lifestyle information, trivia, interesting facts, and even all things Canadiana. Advertising campaigns and sponsored content can be incorporated into theses playlists to ensure that your message is seen by engaged viewers during their visit to a trusted health professional.

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Our Content

PrimacyTV creates our content in-house to ensure entertaining, educating and appropriate visuals and information for our viewers that is updated regularly. View a sample of our Fall 2021 to see how we educate, entertain and inform our viewers.

Take a look at the list of our available screens to see which locations would be right for you!


Frequently asked questions

Not sure if PrimacyTV fits your business needs? Browse through our frequently asked questions or contact us directly for all of your inquires.

How often will my ad play?

Your 20-second advertisement will play, at a minimum, once every 20 minutes during the hours of operation of the selected location. 

Is there sound on the TV?

PrimacyTV is visual only (no sound) so as to not disturb the operation of our medical clinic waiting rooms. 

Do you provide reporting on the effectiveness of a campaign?

An impression report can be requested upon completion of your campaign. This report outlines the estimated number of impressions (views) generated by the advertisement during your campaign and is based upon individual clinic foot traffic. 

How many screens are available?

There are over 80 PrimacyTV locations nationwide, with additional screens added regularly. Campaigns can scale from a single screen to the entire network depending on your needs. For a map of our locations, go here (link).

How customizable is a PrimacyTV advertising campaign?

PrimacyTV campaigns are structured on a per location, per month basis. Your campaign can scale from being shown on as little as a single screen for a month up to the entire network for as long as you like. Campaigns can also be set up to recur periodically or seasonally as required. 

Am I responsible for providing the ad content?

If you have creative ready to go simply provide it and we can upload it once received! Should you not have creative on hand, or if it requires formatting to fit our screens, we do also provide content creation services for a fee.